Tendon tibial antérieur

Tibialis Anterior Tendonitis is an irritation and swelling of one of the main tendons that lifts the foot up – the anterior tibial tendon which is also known as the tibialis anterior. This condition leads to pain in the front of the ankle or the medial midfoot where it inserts on the bone (Figure 1).

Tibialis anterior tendonitis (tendinopathy) is the most common injury to cause anterior tibialis pain, but a tibialis anterior tear, known as a tibialis anterior muscle strain does occur on occasion. Much like other tendon injuries, it presents as a dull aching pain along the front of the ankle or the lower shin, on the outside of the leg.

loss of the contour of the tibialis anterior tendon over the ankle (tendon not palpable during resisted dorsiflexion) weakness. use of the extensor hallucis longus and extensor digitorum communis to dorsiflex the ankle ; gait. steppage gait (hip flexed more than normal in swing phase to prevent toes from catching) foot slaps down after heel strike ; Imaging: Radiographs three views of foot and …

The tibialis anterior is a muscle which lies at the front of the shin and attaches to several bones in the foot via the tibialis anterior tendon (figure 1).

Tibialis anterior tendinopathy symptoms Pain and stiffness at the front of the ankle, particularly when bending the foot and toes upwards. There may also be swelling and redness over the front of the ankle, specificallu along the path of the tendon. Pain will get worse with increased activity, particularly running or walking up hills.

http://www.johngibbonsbodymaster.co.uk John Gibbons a registered Sports Osteopath demonstrates Kinesiology Taping Technique for Anterior Tibialis Tendonopath…

Anterior tibial tendon rupture was suspected, so surgery was indicated for primary repair of the tendon. Figure 1 Forty four year-old male post injury to the left leg. There is a laceration repair with missed diagnosis of anterior tibial tendon rupture.