Tendon poplité

Definition/Description Theoretically speaking, popliteus tendinopathy, also known as popliteus tendon tenosynovitis is a gap in the tendon of the popliteus. Popliteus is quite an uncommon pathology which often occurs in athletes and people with a history of other knee ligament injuries after trauma.

The Popliteus muscle is a small muscle located at the back of the knee joint. A strain or tear of it causes pain at the back of the knee. Injuries can be sudden onset (acute) or gradual onset (chronic) overuse injuries.

Among the hundreds of muscles found in the human body, the popliteus is the most unique in structure. The popliteus has a close association to an articular meniscus and an inversion of both its, fleshy and tendinous, attachments. In other words, the tendon is the origin, and the fleshy attachment forms its insertion.

Popliteus tendinopathy is a knee injury which typically occurs in combination with other traumatic injuries of the lateral knee, especially posterolateral corner structures, posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), and meniscus 1. Less commonly, the tendinopathy may be secondary to non-traumatic causes, e.g. calcific tendinitis 2.

The popliteal tendon pierces the joint capsule but does not enter the synovium and is crossed by the arcuate ligament, the lateral collateral ligament and the tendon of biceps femoris (these 3 structures, along with the popliteus and other structures form the posterolateral corner (PCL) of the knee).

Tendinite du Poplité Docteur François Prigent – Le muscle poplité est situé derrière le genou. Il se termine par un puissant tendon inséré sur le . condyle externe. La tendinite du Poplité induit une douleur externe qui irradie derrière le genou. Elle est souvent méconnue et attribuée à un problème de ménisque externe. k ANATOMIE – Le muscle poplité se fixe, derrière le genou …

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Less commonly, the tendon of the infraspinatus muscle or other tendons of the rotator cuff is affected. In most cases, the supraspinatus tendon is injured by overuse, typically in an occupation or sport that requires the arm to be elevated repeatedly. People at risk include carpenters, painters, welders, swimmers, tennis players and baseball players. The average patient is a male laborer older …