Sillon delto-pectoral definition

deltopectoral groove: Explanation: “Sillon” as a medical term is “groove” or “sulcus”. The deltopectoral groove is the groove between the deltoid (shoulder) and pectoral (chest) muscles.

What does deltopectoral mean? (anatomy) Of or pertaining to both the deltoid muscle and the pectoralis major. (adject…

Sommaire; Anatomie du membre supérieur; Myologie; Myologie de l’épaule; Région délto-pectorale; Région délto-pectorale Région délto-pectorale

Definition of deltopectoral in the dictionary. Meaning of deltopectoral. What does deltopectoral mean? Information and translations of deltopectoral in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

The deltopectoral groove is an indentation in the muscular structure between the deltoid muscle and pectoralis major. It is the location through which the cephalic vein passes and where the coracoid process is most easily palpable.

Definition of SILLÓN in the dictionary. Meaning of SILLÓN. What does SILLÓN mean? Information and translations of SILLÓN in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

sillon In fortification, a work raised in the middle of a ditch, to defend it when it is too wide. It has no particular form, and is sometimes made with little bastions, half-moons, and redans, which are lower than the works of the place, but higher than the covert way. It is more frequently called an envelope.

delto-pectorale translation in French – English Reverso dictionary, see also ‘dépôt légal’,détecter’,delta’,délateur’, examples, definition, conjugation

Interligne articulaire gléno-humérale : pression profonde du sillon delto-pectoral, légèrement en dehors de la coracoïde. Attention : la pression de la coracoïde est souvent douloureuse sans pathologie. Gouttière bicipitale avec tendon du long biceps : pression en dedans de la grande tubérosité, sensibilisée si l’examinateur applique un mouvement de rotation externe au bras …

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