Plexus brachial ppt

The brachial plexus is an arrangement of nerve fibres, running from the spine, formed by the ventral rami of the lower cervical and upper thoracic nerve roots it includes –from above the fifth cervical vertebra to underneath the first thoracic vertebra (C5-T1).It proceeds through the neck, the axilla and into the arm.

Brachial plexus 1. BRACHIAL PLEXUS Maj Rishi Pokhrel Dept of Anatomy NAIHS 1 2. Objective At the end of this class students should be able to • Draw diagram of brachial plexus with all branches • Enumerate the root value of all branches of brachial plexus • Identify lesions of brachial plexus

Brachial plexus is responsible for cutaneous (sensory) and muscular (motor) innervation of the entire upper limb & pectoral girdle.

Brachial Plexus Injury Overview Sports most commonly associated with brachial plexus injuries include: football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, fencing, wrestling, and gymnastics Nerve injuries can result from blunt force trauma, poor posture, or chronic repetitive stress Patients generally present with pain and/or muscle weakness Over time, some patients may experience muscle atrophy …

BRACHIAL PLEXUS AXILLA  The Axilla, or armpit, is a pyramidal-shaped space between the upper part of the arm and the side of the chest.  It forms an important passage for nerves, blood and lymph vessels as they travel from the root of the neck to the upper limb. 01/04/21 2 Axilla/Brachial plexus (Marera Domnic)

View Brachial_Plexus-1 notes.ppt from BIO 750 at University of Mary. Brachial Plexus • Large network of nerves to the upper limb from the neck to the axilla • Located partly in the neck and

The brachial plexus is a network of nerve fibers, running from the spine, formed by the ventral rami of the lower four cervical and first thoracic nerve roots (C5-T1).