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Pectoralis major is a thick, fan-shaped muscle, which makes up the bulk of the chest muscle. It lies under the breast.It serves to flex, extend, and rotate the humerus, the long bone of the upper arm.. Pectoralis minor is a thin, triangular muscle located beneath the pectoralis major. It attaches to the ribs, and serves to stabilize the scapula, the large bone of the shoulder.

With appropriate management, most minor to moderate cases of a pectoral strain that have not been present for long can usually recover within a number of weeks. In more severe or chronic cases recovery can be a lengthy process and may take many weeks to months to achieve an optimal outcome.

Could there be any long-term effects from a pectoralis major strain? Most pectoralis major strains heal without complication, within a matter of weeks. However, a proportion of injuries can result in longer-term effects, depending on the severity of the injury and the extent of damage. Complete tears of the muscle usually require surgery to reunite the torn ends of the muscle. If a complete …

Innervation: Long thoracic nerve. By TeachMeSeries Ltd (2021) Fig 2 – The serratus anterior and pectoralis minor muscles. Subclavius. The subclavius is small muscle, which is located directly underneath the clavicle, running horizontally. It affords some minor protection to the underlying neurovascular structures (e.g in cases of clavicular fracture or other trauma). Attachments: Originates …

pectoraux translate: pectoral muscles. Learn more in the Cambridge French-English Dictionary.

Moving the ice pack around and not letting it sit in one spot for too long is also recommended. A bag of frozen vegetables may help relieve pain associated with a torn pectoral muscle. Another way to help reduce the swelling of a torn pectoral muscle is by compressing the area. Using a chest wrap or an ACE bandage around the injured pectoral muscle should do the trick. It is important, however …

worn on the breast or chest. proceeding from the heart or inner consciousness. Speech. (of a vocal quality) appearing to come from resonance in the chest; full or deep.

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