Pectoralis minor stretch

To stretch the pec minor, I have settled on a manual supine technique the combines aligning the shoulder in the correction orientation of the pectoralis minor muscle fibers and stabilizing the muscle by the coracoid. Notice I said stabilizing the muscle. I place a broad four finger grip deep into the pec minor just off from the coracoid.

3 Stretches for a tight Pectoralis minor muscle Pectoralis minor (the deeper smaller chest muscle) can cause pain in the front of the shoulder and down the arm when the Myofascial Trigger Points are activated.

Pec minor Door Stretch Facing a door frame, place your arms along the frame as pictured above. Gently press in towards the door to feel a stretch along the inside of your arms. Hold the stretch for up to 20 seconds, repeating 3-4 times.

An alternate way to stretch the pectoralis minor is to stand near a wall with your right shoulder pressing lightly into the flat surface. Relax your right arm down along your side, and then slowly…

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The Pec minor starts at the top of your arm just below the shoulder (Coracoid Process) and runs down the chest attaching itself to the 3rd, 4th and 5th rib. Looking at the diagram you can see that if the pec minor is too tight and short, it will pull on the top of the arm as well as bringing the shoulder blade forward and over.