Leg press position

Regular Leg Press Foot Position This is the standard leg press foot position. You’re going to set your feet a little more than shoulder-width apart (this will vary from person to person; go with what feels more natural). I recommend sticking with this foot placement most of the time.

The leg press is a popular piece of gym equipment that can help build key muscles in your legs. There are two types of leg press machines commonly found in gyms: the standard horizontal leg press and the 45-degree leg press that has a seat that reclines at an angle while your legs press upward in a diagonal direction.

Sit down on the leg press machine and place your legs on the platform Now hold the load and remove safety bar. Lower the platform till your lower and upper legs makes an angle 90 degree. Now by pushing the heels upwards come back to the starting position.

High feet leg press Placing the feet higher up on the foot pad encourages the hamstrings and glutes to activate, which takes stress off the quads. This is a great substitute for deadlifts and hamstring curls. Most people will find that they are able to lift the most weight in this position.

Leg Press The leg press, using machine weights, is a relatively safe exercise to do, even for those with knee problems.

A mid-sled foot position allows the focus to remain on the quads, glutes, and hamstrings about equally. Most leg-press platforms allow you to place your feet high, low, wide, narrow, or any number of combinations in between.

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