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This documentary has as its main purpose to shine a positive light on bodybuilding, power lifting, health and fitness. Also: A Tribute to Reg Park and honoring Muscle beach and all those… See full summary » Director: Darin Mangan | Stars: Guile Branco, Barbie Barbell, Dave Bautista, Brooke Chirone

Directed by Roschdy Zem. With Vincent Rottiers, Yolin François Gauvin, Marina Foïs, Nicolas Duvauchelle. Twenty year old Antoine has made enemies of a gang of young thugs, to whom he owes money. Fed up with his scams and petty crimes, his mother and older brother decide to send Antoine to his father’s place in Saint-Etienne. The two men haven’t seen each other for several years.

Directed by Janice Engel. With Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Frank Zane, Jay Cutler. Documentary on the sport and philosophy of bodybuilding. The human body – strength and weight training to sculpt large, muscular and ripped bodies. Featuring legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Frank Zane, Cory Everson.

Generation Iron is arguably the most notable bodybuilding film since Pumping Iron. Phil Heath and Kai Greene were the modern day Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno, letting the weights (and sparks) fly as they went head-to-head for the Mr. Olympia title.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno face off in a no-holds-barred competition for the title of Mr. Olympia in this critically-acclaimed film that made Schwarzenegger a household name.

A classic film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jeff Bridges that coincidentally won him a Golden Globe award for “Best Acting Debut”. A quick description from IMDB about the movie: A syndicate wants to buy a whole district to rebuild it.

Directed by Patrick Rivera. With Lou Ferrigno, Lee Haney, Frank Zane, Shawn Ray. Hear it staight from the Legends themselves about their stories of success and heartbreak. EVOLUTION OF BODYBUILDING offers a close look at what it takes to compete in the “Mr. Olympia” and how the industry has changes over he past 50 years.

From the 1977 classic Pumping Iron that tells the story of the intense competition between Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger, to the very American story of Kai Green and a historical film on the evolution of bodybuilding — there is a lot to learn and discover by watching these films. 1) ? Kai Green – A Day In The Life