Bodybuilding danger

The biggest dangers of competitive bodybuilding aren’t steroids or hormones, the danger is trying to be better than someone else, a principle that goes against everything that bodybuilding stands for. Real bodybuilding is about building one’s physique to its natural potential in which the primary goal is maintaining a good state of health.

Overzealous bodybuilders run the risk of lifting more than they can safely handle, straining or tearing the muscles. Even more dangerous, a bodybuilder may drop the weight back onto himself or…

Bodybuilding-type training is particularly harmful if it’s coupled with an eating regimen that consists of periods of extreme cutting and bulking (Whoever came up with the idea that the best way to add muscle is to eat a lot more calories than one actually needs to build muscle was clearly not a wise person).

With proper form, self-awareness and common sense, bodybuilding is not only safe, but highly beneficial to the bones, muscles, and overall health. Studies have shown it can even be beneficial to people suffering from severe arthritis, as building up the muscles takes the strain off the joints.

#1 Steroids – First Of Many Health Risks Of Bodybuilding Without beating around the bush, we all know that steroids make your muscles bigger. The unfortunate part of this, is that your heart is a muscle as well. As your biceps and triceps grow, so will your heart.

Oddly, in the bodybuilding world, conversations about Anadrol involve terms like, “More toxic than” or “Less toxic than” as though there is no hope for avoiding toxicity. The big dangers of Anadrol are increased due to its habitual use and risk to your liver. It is not a matter of if, but when liver damage occurs.

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